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Trinity College Glasgow

Educating for a changing church and a changing world

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Trinity is a Church of Scotland college at University of Glasgow. We are a resource for the Kirk and other churches, offering education and research, resources for mission and worship, training for ministry and leadership and continuing professional development.


Short Courses

Autumn 2024 and Winter/Spring 2025

Please contact to register your interest. 

Autumn 2024 

30th Sept to 25th November, 2024

Mondays, 6:30-8:30pm, online

This course introduces students to the history and theology of Christian worship. It provides an understanding of the development of current forms of Christian worship, the nature of sacramental distinctions, and new sources and ecumenical confluences in 20th- and 21st-century worship. It provides perspectives which will underpin future worship practice and the development of advanced worship leading skills.


3rd October to 28th November, 2024

Thursdays, 7-9pm, online

This course explores and develops the role of contemporary visual art in Christian worship. Taking practical, creative and theological approaches, this course seeks to expand and cultivate imaginations, and stimulate churches and Christian worship in new ways, especially in these changing times.


25th September to 4th December, 2024

Wednesdays, 4-6pm, in-person with an online option

This creative, practical and stimulating course will help you to develop as a preacher through reflection on why and how we preach. We will explore the relationships between the form of biblical texts and the sermons we preach on them, as well as reflecting on delivery, style and method. 

Creative Writing (1).png

30th Sept to 25th Nov, 2024

Mondays, 7-9pm, online

This course will enable and support the use of creative writing as a means of theological reflection upon personal, spiritual and contemporary experience. Each week participants will engage with key texts, undertake writing exercises, produce their own creative writing and share their work within small groups.

Winter-Spring 2025

Designing Worship (1).png

20th January to 17th March, 2025

Mondays, 7-9pm, hybrid

This course is an introduction to designing and leading Christian worship services utilising theological and historically rich patterns and practices and adapting these to participants contemporary church context. It will stimulate participants to be reflective, recognise how worship works and become more skilled at designing and leading meaningful, participatory acts of church worship.

Listening in Mission.png

30th January to 27th March, 2025

Thursdays, 7-9pm, online

This course will explore the practice and theology of listening in mission within local communities and how this may renew imagination and impact of the church in a rapidly changing society. Course attendees will explore common mission approaches and be introduced to practices of local community research, theological reflection, and spiritual discernment, in order to develop practical skills in mission attentiveness.

Liturgy & Prayer.PNG

15th January to 26th March, 2025

Wednesdays, 4-6pm, in-person with an online option

This course develops participant skills in planning, writing and producing worship materials including spoken liturgies, prayer and rituals and leading these in the context of Christian Worship.This course is designed as a follow up for those who have completed another course in worship, or who have experience in leading worship. 

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