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Online Practical Theology Short Courses
Trinity College Glasgow & Theology & Religious Studies, University of Glasgow




Prof Heather Walton is a writer and a practical theologian who uses her creative practice to explore contemporary spiritual challenges. She has published widely in both life writing and theological reflection and enjoys working in an interdisciplinary way across a range of fields. Her works include Not Eden: Spiritual Life Writing for this World, Writing Methods in Theological Reflection and Theological Reflection Methods (with Elaine Graham and Francis Ward). Heather is an elder in the Church of Scotland and she finds that the discipline of preaching continually renews both her academic and imaginative work.

Course Description

This course will enable and support the use of creative writing as a means of theological reflection upon personal, spiritual and contemporary experience. Each week participants will engage with key texts, undertake writing exercises, produce their own creative writing and share their work within small groups. By the end of the course they will have produced a piece of creative writing and a critical reflection on this for assessment and/or feedback. The ethos of the course will be supportive, participatory and require the engaged, respectful participation of all members.

This is an open access course available as a 10-credit course (accredited by the University of Glasgow) or audit-only for those who just wish to engage with the learning programme for their own personal benefit.

Timetable & Duration

9th October to 4th December, 2023

This course will take place online on Monday evenings, 7-9pm. This course will be taught over 9 weeks (including a break on the 6th of November) via meetings & instruction and after class activities.


Introduction to the course

This course will provide the opportunity to:

  • Provide a supportive environment in which participants will develop their own writing practice.

  • Consider various models of theological reflection upon personal, spiritual and contemporary cultural issues through creative writing.

  • Critically engage with key texts on theological reflection through creative writing.

By the end of this course participants will have:

  • Produced examples of creative writing and have received feedback on their work from peers and the course tutor.

  • Employed various models of theological reflection in their creative writing.

  • Developed an awareness of a number of key themes and issues explored in the literature on reflective theological writing


Course information

This course is conducted online. The directed online instruction will be explored in weekly real-time conversations along with materials and interaction using the learning platform, Moodle. Zoom as an online meeting tool will be used for the real-time conversations and online group times. Access to these tools will be supported by the course administration. More information about the use of these will be provided once enrolled.

Learners may choose to undertake assessments, and thus qualify for 10 credit points towards a Higher Education certificate or Glasgow University approved theology programme, or may engage with the learning programme for their own personal benefit without the final assessments. 



*Priority Area subsidy available for this course. Please contact for more information.

Sponsorship or subsidies may also be available through your own church for training or study purposes and we encourage you to approach them with the details of the course.

How to Apply


Notify your interest now via email:

Applications close on Friday the 8th of September 2023. 


These courses are delivered through the University of Glasgow. We will contact you with more information and guidance regarding applying, completing your details and payment in time for the course start date. If you have any questions regarding the process, you can contact us on the above email address. 

If you have any difficulties with this process – please contact Heather O'Connor (office administrator) at:

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