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Dr Williams MTh:
Ministry, Theology and Practice

Professional Development

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Practical Theology Courses
Trinity College Glasgow & Theology & Religious Studies, University of Glasgow

Introduction to the programme

This programme offers academic training to those exercising leadership roles in Christian churches through delivering continuing professional development in four key areas:


  • equipping for congregational ministry

  • culturally relevant hermeneutics for preaching

  • creative and reflective skills for ministry and mission

  • theological inquiry.


Teaching input will be both ‘in person’ and online. Modules will typically be delivered either in four full day sessions or via online classes. Lectures, discussions, group work, reflection on practice and student presentations will contribute to personal formation and academic development. Assessments will be based on issues of concern and relevance to participants engaged in ministry.

Who is this programme for?

This programme welcomes the diverse practice and backgrounds of UK-based ministers and church leaders from a range of denominations.

The programme is designed for professional development as part-time study spread over 2 years.

Programme Overview

Over two years part-time:

  • Three core courses (Creative Ministry, Resourcing Congregational Ministry, Research Methods)

  • A course of self-directed study in Religion, Theology and Culture

  • Two optional courses from a range of Theology & Religious Studies courses online or in person according to timetabling

  • The writing of a 15,000 word dissertation

How much does it cost?

  • £5,025 per annum.

  • Full fee subsidy available to leaders in English and Welsh Congregational, Baptist, Unitarian, URC and Quaker churches from the Dr Williams Trust. Applications for this subsidy close 15th of May 2024.

  • Study subsidies may be available from your own church denomination. This programme is endorsed by the Church of Scotland.

  • Subsidy of £1,500 per annum is available through Trinity College Glasgow for Church of Scotland ministers. Contact

Programme Feedback 

A Church of Scotland minister who has partaken in the course has told us that the course offered:

"An opportunity to engage meaningfully in reviewing the life and practice of ministry in a cohort of peers, each bringing their own insight and experience. I have found the course inspirational and my congregation have noticed the burst of energy that has come from the interruption to life as they knew it! It has encouraged me to open a new chapter in ministry, as well as an awakening of passion for learning and wondering. I commend this course to anyone who would enjoy discovering how the experience of ministry offers and enhances a differing viewing point for learning, from the initial studies for ministry training. Life experience meets theologians head on, with excellent guidance from the teaching team, and friendship from the student cohort. Don't miss out on the minister you will become from the experience this Masters programme offers."

For more information, please email

How to Apply


University of Glasgow applications close on the 16th of August 2024.

For complete course information, or to apply, visit:

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