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Proper 11B

You can find a YouTube playlist here with many of the songs suggested below.


The Old Testament and Epistle readings invite questions of where we worship God and who we worship with and Let us build a house (CH 198) and In Christ we live (WGRG) are both wonderful upbeat opening songs which invite us to engage with these. Christ is made the sure foundation (CH 200 / MP 73) is a classic hymn which also links to these themes while specifically referencing Christ as the cornerstone of the church as we find in Ephesians. Days of Elijah (MP 1012 / CCLI) has a reference to “David rebuilding a temple of praise” while Waymaker (CCLI) and Jesus calls us here to meet him (CH 510) help us acknowledge God’s presence as we gather to worship.


Most settings of today’s psalm focus on different verses from those we find in the lectionary but Forever I will sing (GIA) offers us a simple and beautiful responsorial chorus, with the option of the verses being either sung by a soloist or spoken. If you are looking for a metrical setting then you can use vv.7-12 of Psalm 89 (PCE / CCLI). Ellacombe or St Asaph would be suitable tunes better known to most that the suggested tune of Christmas Carol.


There are two parts to the Gospel reading. Come and find the quiet centre (CH 716), Come and find rest in Christ (WGRG) or Come to me (Kimbrough) would all link to Christ’s call to his disciples to “rest a while”. The second part focuses more on Jesus’s public ministry and Jesus Christ is waiting (CH 360) has verses about different aspects of this while O Christ, the healer, we have come (CH 717) and We cannot measure how you heal (CH 718) can have a focus on healing, with When Jesus the healer passed through Galilee (CH 350) a more lively option for this. Blest be God (CH 267) from the Philippines and El mensaje que hoy proclamamos / Hear the message we now are proclaiming (H 46) from Colombia also focus on healing but add a cry for justice.

Ephesians continues to provide a huge range of themes to explore. Christ our peace (GIA) and Ososo / Come now O prince of peace (CH 275) are both beautiful songs focusing on peace and breaking down walls and this is also the culmination of Christ Was Raised (Resound). In Christ there is no east or west (CH 624 / MP 329), Draw the circle wide (MV 145 / link) and Together (link) can help us focus on finding unity in Christ with people of all backgrounds while Cornerstone (CCLI) can link to the final verses.

If you didn’t already use it as an opening song then Let us build a house (CH 198) is probably the best known song to link to the Old Testament while Here to the house of God we come (CH 195) could be another option. In Christ we live (WGRG) and What is this place (WGRG) are both from the same recent collection with the latter best suited to a soloist.


Christ as the centre of the church and its mission is a theme common to the readings we can finish with today. The Church’s one foundation (CH 739 / MP 640) would be a classic option for this, as would Your hand, O God, has guided (CH 511 / MP 705) with it’s repeated line of “one Church, one Faith, one Lord”. As a fire is meant for burning (CH 252) and Forth in the peace of Christ we go (CH 646) focuses both on the need both to put Christ at the centre but also the need for church unity. A lot of modern songs put more emphasis on the personal rather than the corporate aspect of centring our lives on Christ with some of the most popular being In Christ alone (MP 1072 / CCLI / Getty), Living hope (CCLI) and Yet not I but through Christ in me (CCLI).

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