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Proper 21C / 16th Sunday after Pentecost

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

You can find a YouTube playlist here with many of the songs suggested below.


The psalm can offer us a gathering theme as we praise God’s faithfulness with classic hymns such as Great is thy faithfulness (CH 153 / MP 200) and All people that on earth do dwell (CH 63 / MP 20) or contemporary songs in various styles such as O God, you are my God alone (CH 43), God of the Bible (Fresh as the morning) (MV 28 / GIA / Hope) and Every promise (CCLI / Getty). You could also consider a couple of more recent songs from Scottish songwriters, Give thanks to God (CCLI) with its refrain of “His never ending love is steadfast and sure” and Let his praise be on our lips (Satellite).


Safe in the shadow of the Lord (CH 55 / MP 583) is an excellent metrical setting for today’s psalm while Within the shelter of the Lord (PFAS 91B), set to the Scottish folk tune Ye banks and braes, and Whoever lives beside the Lord (WGRG), set to a Gaelic air, offer alternatives. On eagle’s wings (OCP / PFAS 91E / Hymnary) is hugely popular song around the world that draws on this psalm for its verses. Christ will be my hideaway (CCLI / Grace) was just released last year but offers a good option for those who would like something in a worship song or contemporary hymn style. Be with me Lord (OCP / PFAS 91D) is a wonderfully soulful short chorus to consider if you would like to psalm responsorially.


Our world is broken (GIA) is directly inspired by the Gospel while you could also use songs which explore Jesus’ teachings about the poor and the rich or about status such as Heaven shall not wait (CH 362), When I needed a neighbour were you there (CH 544), For the healing of the nations (CH 706) and God of all comfort (Resound). You could also consider some paraphrases of the Magnificat such as Tell out my soul (CH 286 / MP 631) and Canticle of the turning (Wild Goose / PFAS 75B / MV 120) which speak about turning the socio-economic order upside down.

The message from the Epistle about being content with food and clothing rather than desiring wealth can link to songs such as Simple living (MP 1251 / CCLI / Townend), Lord, you have come to the seashore (CH 532), The Lord of the earth (WGRG) and Inspired by love and anger (CH 253) whose optional v3 can link well. Fight the good fight (CH 517 / MP 143) would link to v12.

The Old Testament story on land transactions isn’t one that many songwriters have explicitly picked up apart from in God of Jeremiah (Hope). However, it is also possible to look at songs about hope for the future such as All my hope on God is founded (CH 192 / MP 16), May the God of hope go with us every day (CH 256), or Mighty to save (MP 1168 / CCLI).


Our sending can pick up the themes from the Gospel and Epistle about how we should live our lives with songs such as Look forward in faith (CH 237), Sent by the Lord am I (CH 250), Beauty for brokenness / God of the poor (CH 259 / MP 806), Christ be our light (CH 543 / MP 1201), God of justice (MP 1174 / CCLI) and Hear the call of the kingdom (MP 1282 / CCLI / Getty).

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