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Proper 24B / 21st Sunday after Pentecost

You can find a YouTube playlist here with many of the songs suggested below.


Both the Psalm and the Old Testament can lead us to celebrate God the Creator. The opening verses of the Psalm might inspire you to use 10,000 reasons (Bless the Lord) (CCLI), which echoes those as it is a setting of Psalm 103. You can also consider other more general songs on this theme such as How great thou art (CH 154 / MP 506), Sing to God with gladness, all creation (CH 150), All creatures of our God and King (CH 147 / MP 7), God of wonders (MP 1089 / CCLI) or Uyai mose / Come all you people (CH 757) while Come and worship Christ the King (Resound) would give a Christological perspective.


O worship the King all glorious above (CH 127) is probably the most famous setting of today’s psalm and for those who find the gendering problematic you can use O worship our God, all glorious above (Hymnary). We worship You, whose splendor dwarfs the cosmos (PFAS 104C / Grace) is a good metrical alternative while Rejoice in all your works (Kimbrough) and God of immeasurable might (Resound) are great both options for bands.


Sons of Thunder, James and John (Carolyn) is a storytelling song about the Gospel which can be sung to Ave virgo virginum. There are also a range of songs in different styles focusing on servanthood including The Servant King / From heaven you came, helpless babe (CH 374 / MP 162), Brother, sister, let me serve you (CH 694 / MP 1261), the simple two part Taizé chant Ubi caritas (CH 801) or I’ll a servant be (CCLI) all pick up being a “servant of all”. Let no ambition rule our hearts (GIA) picks up the arguments among the disciples and can be sung to Tallis’ Canon

Come and praise him, royal priesthood (MP 87) or High Priest (CCLI) would link to the Epistle, although the latter is probably more suited to a soloist than a congregation. Songs from last week are also still relevant here including Where high the heavenly temple stands (CH 451), Before the throne of God above (CH 466 / MP 975), You alone can rescue (CCLI) and Faithful to forgive (New Scottish). You could also use more general songs about Jesus’ sacrifice being the source of eternal salvation such as How deep the Father’s love for us (CH 549 / MP 988 / Townend).

The passage in Job is the start of a couple of long monologue where God speaks out of a whirlwind. Were we there when earth was made? (GIA) picks the style of questioning which reminds us of our place in creation while Lord, you sometimes speak in wonders (CH 606) explores the ways and places in which we hear God’s voice. You could also use some of the songs in the gathering section which praise God as creator while some others on this theme are Many and Great (WGRG) and Great artist of the universe (GIA).


It would be appropriate to finish with general songs of praise to Jesus Christ, picking up themes from the Gospel and Epistle about he being a High Priest and the one who gave his life as a ransom. Some good older hymns for this could be Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim (CH 130 / MP 784) or Join all the glorious names (CH 460 / MP 392) while Christ triumphant, ever reigning (CH 436 / MP 77) and Christ, of God unseen the image (CH 453) are some wonderful contemporary hymns, with the latter connecting in to the creation themes of the Old Testament and Psalm. Bands might want to consider Lord, I lift your name on high (CH 558 / MP 881), Your grace is enough (MP 1383 / CCLI) or King of kings (CCLI).

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