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Proper 19A / 16th Sunday after Pentecost

You can find a YouTube playlist here with many of the songs suggested below.

In 2023 this Sunday occurs during Creation Time and suggestions for songs which can be used to complement or substitute for the lectionary based material can be found here.


There is no obvious gathering text from the main lectionary readings today so consider morning songs of praise to God such as New every morning is your love (CH 214 / MP 480), Great is thy faithfulness (CH 153 / MP 200), Every new morning (CH 213) sung to Bunessan and 10,000 reasons (Bless the Lord) (CCLI / MP 1259) or songs about gathering in God’s presence such as Be still for the presence of the Lord (CH 189 / MP 50), Waiting here for you (CCLI) and Way Maker (CCLI).


When Israel fled from Egypt land (PFAS 114B / Grace) and When we came from Egypt (Grace) are some of the few metrical settings of the psalm and both are very usable and can be sung to known tunes. Perhaps the more attractive option though is to read the psalm and sing responsorially by using a chorus of the South African freedom song, Freedom is coming (WGRG).


Forgiveness is the focus of the Gospel this week and Lord, make us servants of your peace (CH 527) and Make me a channel of your peace (CH 528 / MP 456) would be well known options here which are both based on the Prayer of St Francis. Help us forgive, forgiving Lord (CH 693) and We are one in the Father’s love (CCLI) are other songs to consider while you could also use two of the most popular Taizé chants, Ubi caritas (CH 801) and Confitemini Domino / Come and fill our hearts with your peace (Taizé).

When we are living, we are in the Lord (CH 726) is a wonderful song from Mexico inspired by v8 of Romans and you could also consider In Christ alone (MP 1072 / CCLI / Getty) or Yet not I but through Christ in me (CCLI) to respond to this part of the passage while He is Lord, he is Lord (CH 443) picks up the quote in v11.

Guide me, O thou great Jehovah (CH 167 / MP 201) is a classic hymn which links to the Exodus story while as with the last few weeks, Go down, Moses / When Israel was in Egypt’s land (Hymnary) would be appropriate to use during the weeks while there is a focus on Moses bringing the Israelites out of Egypt while Same God (CCLI) could be an option for bands. Crashing waters at creation (Hymnary) is an interesting contemporary hymn text which explores water throughout scripture. You could also consider songs of liberation such as Freedom is coming (WGRG) and Free amen (CCLI) or songs about walking God’s path such as The spirit lives to set us free (MP 664) and Ewe thina / We walk his way (WGRG).


The Old Testament offers a good sending theme of trusting in the way God is leading us with a range of songs in different styles which can link to this including Guide me, O thou great Jehovah (CH 167 / MP 201), One more step along the world I go (CH 530 / MP 1346), By faith (MP 1262 / CCLI / Getty), My lighthouse (CCLI) or Now we are nourished by Jesus our Lord (WGRG) which is set to a fabulous Korean hymn tune.

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