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Proper 27B / 24th Sunday after Pentecost

You can find a YouTube playlist here with many of the songs suggested below.


Songs which link to where we gather to worship would fit with many of today’s readings as they explore both earthly and heavenly sanctuaries. Here in this place / Gather us in (CH 623), Let us build a house (CH 198) and All people living on the earth (WGRG) are some wonderful upbeat opening songs that can work in a variety of styles. Christ is made the sure foundation (CH 200 / MP 73) and Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness (CH 201 / MP 529) are classic hymns which link to these themes while House of the Lord (CCLI) and You’re calling us / Call the seeker (STF 37 / CCLI) are good options for bands.


Unless the Lord constructs the house (Jubilate / PFAS 127A) is a good paraphrase of the psalm in contemporary language with St Anne as a suggested tune while Unless the Lord (link) was written as an all-age song and could work in a variety of styles. Build this house (CCLI) would be a good option for bands while Wait for the work of the Lord (Scheer) could be used as a responsorial setting with a solo voice either singing or reading the verses.


Jesus sat and watched the crowd (Carolyn) is a retelling of today’s Gospel set to the tune Hendon while A rich young man came seeking (STF 243) and Simple living (MP 1251 / CCLI / Townend) both pick up the story of the widow’s offering in amongst other stories from the Gospel with a similar message. When the hungry who have nothing / Cuando el Pobre (CH 258) would also resonate strongly with what Jesus’ tells his disciples as it explores the faithfulness of those who have least.

The Epistle continues with similar themes as previous weeks and songs such as Where high the heavenly temple stands (CH 451), This is a holy place (New Scottish) and and High Priest (CCLI) would still be relevant. You can also consider songs which focus more on Christ coming again such as Love divine, all loves excelling (CH 519 / MP 449), Son of God, eternal Saviour (CH 468) and All hail King Jesus (CCLI).

There have often been a lack of songs about women in the Bible and Ruth is no exception. If you can track down the music for In Matthew’s Gospel there are five (Hymnary) it is ideal for this passage as it explores the five women mentioned in genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1, with Ruth being one of them as grandmother of Jesse, the father of King David. Alternatively if you can get the lyrics but not the music you could sing this to a CM tune such as Stroudwater, probably just using the first verse, the verse about Ruth, and the final chorus. Born apart in different countries (GIA) is a more general song about the book of Ruth and can be sung to White Rosettes. God of the women (Carolyn) explores the women in the Bible who answered God’s call, including Ruth.


There is no obvious closing text but it could be useful to think about how we respond to Jesus’ teaching and how we act to bring about the Kingdom while we are “eagerly waiting for him”. Son of God, eternal Saviour (CH 468) suggested above links to both this theme from the Epistle and also the theme of money from the Gospel in v2. Some more general songs on this them include classic hymns such as And can it be that I should gain (CH 396 / MP 33) and Join all the glorious names (CH 460 / MP 392), worship songs such High in the heavens (Resound) or King of kings (CCLI), or short choruses like Sent by the Lord am I (CH 250)

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